Commercial Services

  • At Ant Man Pest Control we treat your property like it was our own. You will be assured a Master Licensed Technician evaluates your every aspect of your Pest Protection Program.
  • Inspection and Identification is the key to proper pest control, always utilizing knowledge and experience to complete your Property Protection Program.
  • A written report will be completed at each visit so you will know your program is being carried out properly. Choose Ant Man Pest Control, the professional choice.
  • Inspection and treatment as needed in all interior and exterior areas.
  • Rodent stations to be set up at no charge.
  • Emergency calls during normal business hours will be handled at no charge.
  • Only EPA listed materials are available and will be provided at no charge.
  • Service is for crawling insects and rodents.
  • Price guaranteed for one (1) year.
  • Contract can be cancelled at any time by either party. Payment to be made at the time of service.